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icon-fx-payments FX Payments


Turn cross-border payments into profit centers

Create stronger customer relationships and engagement by allowing your customers to make real-time FX international payments.


Calculate your potential revenue from FX Payments*

What is the asset size of your institution?



Disclaimer: The online calculator provided by Derivative Path is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The calculations are based on assumptions including the size of bank assets, estimated ranges of yearly velocity of convertible payments, and potential foreign exchange (FX) payment flows. These assumptions may not reflect your specific circumstances and can result in approximations. The results produced by this tool are indicative estimates and should not be relied upon for making financial decisions. Derivative Path expressly disclaims any liability for any inaccuracies or errors in these calculations and for any actions taken in reliance on the results.

We encourage you to contact the Derivative Path team for a more detailed and personalized analysis of your convertible payments, where we can provide a tailored representation based on your specific data and requirements. This complimentary service offers a more precise assessment to suit your individual needs.

Receive a report with steps on boosting customer relations and your bottom line with FX payments


Giving your customers the power to make cross-border payments may be easier than you think

Increase non-interest income

Bring FX capabilities in-house to help generate additional revenue streams. Gain more control with pre-agreed liquidity rates and the ability to set your own markups.

A brand and security customers trust

Use your brand and login credentials (SSO) for a seamless customer experience—no need for customers to visit additional portals or websites.

Quick implementation & onboarding

Quickly implement this no-code solution that doesn’t rely on your overtaxed development teams. Manage customer beneficiaries and configure payment limits, etc.

Simple, self-service payments interface

Making FX Payments can be so easy that your customers won’t need to rely on account managers to make payments, include settlement instructions, or track payment statuses.

Automated access to liquidity

Gain access to pre-configured liquidity at competitive rates through our integrated partnerships to streamline onboarding efforts.

Live currency conversions & rates

Customers get competitive FX quotes that refresh in real-time for major and minor currencies and instant trade confirmations at the point of execution.

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